Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Too True Tuesday (12) . . .

Essie asks today, "This week, tell us how cheaptastic you can be."

Hmmm. . . I am pretty cheap, let's see . . . (alot of mine are similar to Essie, I knew I liked her!)

- I buy store brand ketchup and put it in a Heinz bottle

- I love store brands! I don't typically shop with coupons because I can get store brands cheaper.

- Jeans are to be worn more than once as long as they aren't dirty or smelly.

- If the kids wear their socks to bed and they don't smell, they wear them the next day.

- If chocolate milk is not on sale, I buy an extra jug of white and add chocolate syrup to the whole jug. Works as long as you give it a shake each time you use it!

- I make all my own cleaning products with lemons, baking soda, washing soda, vinegar . . .

- all my kids clothes are from Goodwill (don't judge, our's are FAB!) and then I resell them at a clothing resale for more than I paid for them (escept I don't usually pay for them, my mom spoils them!) Free money!

Visit Essie's blog to see more clever and cheap ideas! And tell us your favorite secrets . . .


MomInTheTrench said...

Yeah, I'm with you on the jeans. I forgot that one.

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

I buy a lot of the kids clothes used, and I practically live to pass them on to others to use until they shred! Boy clothes, girl clothes, I don't care because my girls are not genderist lol!
Sadly, my kids cannot wear socks more than once without a palpable smell coming from them.

marythemom said...

I'm so cheap that I find Goodwill to expensive! Luckily we've found some thrift stores that are less expensive, and I'm in Salvation Army so often that they give me a discount (I bring in my growing teens and pour out sob stories).

I buy bread at a Mrs. Baird's thrift store 20 loaves at a time to cash on the frequent shopper discounts.

My kids think I'm evil because I buy those big bags of generic cereal, and won't even let them eat storebrands.

Not only do we wear jeans until they show visible dirt, but we use towels for a week or more (after all you're the cleanest you're going to get when you get out of the tub!).

My kids are forced to wear hand-me-downs (or hand-me-ups in the case of my 5'11" 13 year old daughter).

It's generic or nothing!

Mary in TX

G. Eric Francis said...

Umm...wow. Not gonna hate on u girl...that's how folks stay paid!