Sunday, January 31, 2010

Good weekend . . .

It has been a pretty good weekend. Dustin has been pretty well behaved and the kids have played well. I have been decluttering our house over the past week weekends and just when I think I have pitched all I can, it seems I find more crap to throw out. Even though we are not planning on moving anytime soon, I keep asking myself if I had to move would I want to move this? If the answer is "Heck no!" then it goes to the trash. I also bought a new mattress set off a friend and did some swapping of furniture upstairs yesterday. I love feelin productive on the weekends! I have not felt well the past couple days so I have really tried to keep myself moving.

Have I told you how much I love the home made cleaning products I have been using? Fabulous! They are awesome at removing greasey fingerprints and leaving behind nothing but clean surfaces. As soon as the giant box of laundry soap I recently bought is gone I am going to try making my own laundry soap. I will take you along for the journey. I am sure you are excited! Maybe not. Not everyone gets so thrilled about cleaning products as I do. :)

I have a smooth cook top stove and today I boiled some water to defrost our chest freezer. I forgot I had just done that and went to brush the crumbs off the stove top. Holy heck! I burned the stink out of the palm of my left hand. I cried. I had Harrison run upstairs and get Robert who was napping. I thought I may need to go to the hospital. With about an hour of rinsing in cool water and some aloe spray, I think I got it under control. It is definitely gonna blister and it may actually be a second degree burn. It is a little discolored and the thumb muscle is terribly sore and still burning. I have it wrapped currently and I can hunt and peck on the keyboard. As long as I don't bend my thumb I am okay . . . well that and some pain meds. Burns are a huge fear of mine and I freaked out and scared the crap out of Dustin. He was quite helpful and very worried about me, he keeps asking me if I am alright, cute but irritating.

My mom has been in Florida for two weeks. The kids and I are going to surprise her at the airport. McCartney wants to bring flowers so I need to get moving. . . hope y'all had a fabulous weekend!

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