Sunday, January 24, 2010

Domestic Diva . . .

I am trying not to make this blog all about my domestic pursuits, but that is where I am right now. Maybe it is the winter, but I am all baout being productive around the house lately.

This weekend I made some meals for the week. Or at least did some of the prep. I made Mexican Lasgana for tomorrow night. It is one of the kid's favorites. I took pictures of the prep. . . cause, ya know, that's how I roll.

Dish lined with corn tortillas.

Layer of fat free refried beans.

Add hamburger cooked with mexican stewed tomatoes, cheese and more tortillas.

Then I made some quilted notecards that I have seen all around the web. I like the randomness of the fabric and I like that it looks good with imperfect sewing. I am bundling them in groups of 4's with envelopes for the conference. Cute?

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