Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Accountability post . . .

So the eat healthier thing? How's that going you ask? It's going. Here's the plan so far:

I have been eating healthier. I have decided that wheat tortillas with beans and hot pepper cheese is my new favorite food. I bought some roma tomatoes last night to add to them.

I am the world's biggest grazer. I love to eat bits and pieces all day long. I have brought some healthier snacks to work like crackers and summer sausage, granola and yogurt. I hate yogurt. I make myself eat it. I have found it I put something crunchy in it I do much better. I have began to add some Grape Nuts cereal in it so I get some wheat and barley. Makes me happy!

I still have yet to drink soda. I think I have it licked. I no longer crave it as long as I am not thirsty. The key for me is to constantly have water around. When I get parched I want a soda more than anything!

Other than that I am simply cutting my portion sizes. I know that I do not have the willpower or the time to drastically alter my eating routines. I also know that if I do it will not last.

We are starting a weight loss program at work. It includes monetary penalties for gaining weight. That is a huge motivator in my book. The person who looses the most weight by May 1st wins the money we all paid to join as well as all the penalty money. I am all for that!

Wish me luck!

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Reighnie said...

Good Luck! I'd be scared about the monetary thing. lol

I lost 13 lbs just by cutting my fat intake. No exercise or nothing, just watching the fat I eat. Mainly eating Lunchables if you can believe that. I think I need to incorporate exercise now. Bummer.