Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Too True Tuesday (10) . . .

Brought to you by Essie . . . Today she says "tell us what you are getting yourself for Christmas (or holidays in general). If you are not a holiday celebrator, go buy yourself something and tell us about that!"

I am cheap when it comes to heating my house. When you live in a 100+ year old house with original windows, you tend to lose heat. I will not let anyone turn the heat past about 68. I catch myself sounding like my father . . . "Your cold? Put on more clothes" or "If you hands are that cold, you've got gloves in the drawer". I am a cheapskate.

Because of this we are a family of blanket hoarders. I LURVE "The Big One" fleecy-velour blankets from Kohls. They are TO DIE FOR. I was given one as a gift a couple years ago. We fought over it. Over the past couple winters I have bought more. Last week I bought another and I selfishly hoard it because it is SOFTER and FLUFFIER than the "old" ones. No one can use mommy's new blanket under penalty of a blanket-less time out. Seriously, you MUST go buy yourself one of these lovely, soft and fleecy blankets. . . they are $40, but you can get them on sale for under $10 if you watch closely, because if you are Kohl's shopper you know that you NEVER buy anything at full price because it will be on sale soon enough.

While we are being honest, do you know what else will raise the temperature in your home without turning up the heat? Candles. When someone complains about being cold I tell them to tell daddy to light a couple candles. I buy jar candles from Menards after Thanksgiving for under $2 and use them all year to keep the house warmer. This year I bought 30. Oh man I am cheap!


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Well I am a fiend for blankets, so you won't find any arguments from me. I have a heated blanket that I cover my "tv chair" with all winter, and one that goes on top of me. And we keep the heat at 70.

Miz Kizzle said...

Yes, blankets are the cuddly best, but you have to watch yourself around the candles. You don't want to go up like a torch, creating an unforgettable Christmas for your kiddies.
Have you considered replacement windows and some more insulation? We live in an old house and it used to get pretty drafty around the windows in the winter, plus it seemed like the central air conditioning ran extra hard on hot days, as if the cool air was leaking out around the old windows.
Since we got new energy efficient windows life has been good.

FAScinated said...

Glad you blogged again, Sheri! We haven't heard much from you lately and I've missed you!

I'm cold tonight. We have a blizzard going on outside. Brrr. I think I'll light some candles and snuggled in a blanket and eat chocolate chip cookies while I watch the Biggest Loser finale. Mmmm. Bad Kari.

:)De said...

This is my phrase (and the kids can quote it verbatim): "Heat cost money, but once I buy the sweaters and blankets, you can get warm for free!" We keep our thermostat at 68.