Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Too True Tuesday (9) . . .

Essie's Blog Carnival is happening again. Join us!

Today's assignment, "So the subject of this weeks TTT is, your least favorite holiday and why. And just for fun and balance, your favorite holiday and why."

I hate holidays. I think I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after adopting Dustin. Holidays throw him for a loop. That in turn makes our whole world turn upside down. I truly cannot recall a holiday that went swimmingly or even randomly well. I don't blame him. I don't even expect good behavior from him on these holidays. We take what we get and we do the best we can and we attempt enjoy what we have. I suppose some of my hatred of holidays came before Dustin, so I can't blame it all on him. And perhaps it is my own OCD that causes me to not want to upset the law and order of things with a celebratory day for some random reason.

Let's see, I don't like Valentine's Day because I think it is manufactured for people to spend money, I don't get the idea of Easter baskets and egg hunts when we should be celebrating the resurrection of my Lord, Independence Day bores me as I don't much care for fireworks, Thanksgiving is probably the least irritating except for the fact that I have to chase Dustin constantly because he plays inappropriately with all the cousins and throws major tantrums, and Christmas gives me hives. Dustin is so HARD to buy for and I stress out terribly making everything seem fair and balanced and it is impossible.

Man, I sound like an ogre.

I suppose if I have to pick one favorite it would be Christmas Eve. I enjoy the kids anticipation and their wonder at waiting for Santa. My mom, step-dad and brother ONLY come over to our house and we eat a low key self-serve meal with all of our traditional favorites. The kids are in their own house and can act up and there is no embarassment. I don't have to put on shoes and I don't even have to put on make-up if I don't want to. The kids open a few presents and get new jammies. Everyone is happy and pleasant. I can't really stress out about the presents, because by now there is no other options. Everything is done and it will all be over soon. Family and love . . . isn't that what it should all be about?

This year we are going to attempt to try to do he Christmas Eve service at the church we have been checking out. It is early and it shouldn't interfere with our low key celebration. I hope maybe this can be a new tradition and it goes well.

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Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Agh, yep, overblown activity expectations will ruin it every time.

Seems like if nothing else Dustin would have had a good day sheerly by accident and coincidence by now. Poor kid- and I know the problem all too well! Waaaaay too well.

Have...er.... fun? LOL!