Thursday, November 19, 2009

Struggling . . .

I am struggling. I don't feel the mojo to blog after all the marlarky about the lock. I feel violated. Odd huh? We put it all out there, then we freak out when we are on the receiving end of back-handed crap. I will admit it seems a little hypocritical.

Part of it might just be melancoly. I had the viewing and funeral right after the "day of tears" which is what I am calling the day I found out about the lock). Dustin came home from school that day right in the middle of one of the weepy, explanatory phone calls. He saw how terribly upset I was. I was honest with him about my fears. I am wondering if it made a difference in his recent behavior. I am not sure. If so, it will likely not hold over the impulsivity, but I will take any respite from the running we can get. We have also slightly tweaked his medication schedule and it may be making a difference in the nighttime behavior. Only time will tell. But for now, things have been kinda mellow at home.

Nothing much else is happening. We are not traveling to Kentucky for the holiday. It is simply too hard with the kids routines changing and the animals left at home for a 16 hours visit. Robert's mom and sister are meeting us in Indianapolis after the holiday for lunch so that will be a nice change of pace. I am looking forward to Black Friday. My mom and have been going for a few years. We do not stand in too long lines and we have a routine, so I am looking forward to that. Mostly a day shopping without ANY kids will be good!

Nothing else is too exciting in the Rouse House. We got a cool new couch of Craiglist to replace the loveseat for the "kid area". (maybe the kids will stop fighting over who gets to lay down) The dog has allergies and is itching like crazy. (Yay vet bills! UGH) I am working on putting together a really cool gift idea for my co-workers this year. I am really excited about it. Let's hope that the finished project turns out as cute as I hope it does. (unlike the black apple dolls I tried to make!)

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Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Awwww, I think I know what you mean. I get going in this comfy little bubble blogging with nice commentors and friendly people but the truth is I don't know anyone. It feels like a great family, but I guess it is more like a REAL family where people are jerks sometimes, and go behind your back, or get their panties in a bunch about your business. Bah!