Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Accidental Mommy: Too True Tues

The Accidental Mommy: Too True Tues

I am doing this Too True Tues post for Essie since I too would love to satrt a big fun blog carnival type of thing too! Someday she will have to repay me.

Okay, my embarrassing thing? Ummm, well Essie blogged about Granny panties and I love me some granny drawers. No bunching, no floss in the rear, no lace needed. I am in total agreement with that one. I suppose I would piggy back on that and admit that I sometimes wear undies on the outside of my pantyhose so they do not bag in the crotch area (have I ever explained that I HATE the word crotch? I do!) I cannot handle the way pantyhose tend to creep downwards. Drawers on the outside fix that. Voila!

There, join us will you?


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Wow, I never heard of wearing undies on the outside of hose! Ugh, sounds like sheer torture (get it, sheer hose, sheer torture ha ha).

Paula Perry said...

hey i've been doing that my whole life! my mother would dress us to go to school and always put a extra pair of pants (nickers) over the top of the tights (pantie hose??). it works really great for kids as kids tights always fall down..this way they don't. So i am with you on this and on Essies grannish pants (nickers), i say ish as mine aren't total granny pants but almost.