Monday, March 23, 2009

Clean slate . . .

Here's hoping today is the first day of our clean slate. Dustin had a pretty good Sunday after the incident on Saturday. The police were across the street at a neighbor's house later in the night and Dustin asked if they were for him. I told him honestly that I wasn't sure. I told him they could be watching out for him, for all I knew at that time they could've been. Later I saw then going into the neighbor's house. I let him believe they were looking out for him. Bad? I thought it may help keep him indoors and safe.

One of the things I was most sad about when I sat down Saturday evening after all the hub-bub was a statement the dispatch operator made. She asked if he had any friends in the area where he could have ran to. I said, no. She said, "There's not ANYONE in the neighborhood he plays with?" No. He is a 3 year old trapped in the bod y of a 14 year old. He is never without us. He is in direct line of sight supervision at all times. Every once in a while someone mentions something a 14 year old "should" be doing and I grieve for the life he should've had.

We have researched GPS units and found the Brickhouse Child Locator. It looks like a watch and will only come off with a key. We are buying one. Anyone have any experience with them? Heard and negatives? It's very expensive, but anything to keep the little booger safe. I hope it does the trick. The police suggested it and we found one on Ebay . . .here's to hoping we don't get outbid. If so, I am ordering one this week. It is actually expandable and can be used with 4 bracelets, so we could use it for all the kids while camping or something. Technology!

So, I hope this week is uneventful. I don't think I could handle much more excitement.


Lisa said...

It is sad Sheri. Unfortunately it's true for many of our kids.

I'll be real interested in hearing if the GPS thingy works. May need one for the newest addition.

Jo said...

I hope you win the auction.

Pegleg said...

Think of the life he would have had if you were not his family. Love you.