Saturday, December 13, 2008

Run, Run Rudolph . . .

Tonight we took the kids to the mall. Not a good plan. We never go to the mall. I remember why now. Anyway, we went to the mall and it definitely overstimulated Dustin.

We had to run an errand so, when we left the mall we went to the dreaded Mart of Walls. I could see "it" in Dustin's eyes. When we were in the electronic department he began playing the Nintendos that hang on the wall. When we went to leave he refused. I walked away which usually makes him come very soon.

Not this time.

I chased him around the electronics department.

About 4 laps.

Then he laid on the floor and refused to come with me. It was spectacular. Oh, no. I mean we were a spectacle. It was fabulous.

So I held his hand the remainder of the shopping experience, once I got him off the floor by threatening to pick him up and put him in a cart.

We went home and I thought it was all over. He sat down in the living room chair and he and McCartney got into it about something and he said, "Nobody likes me, I'm outta here." and he proceeded to walk out the front door. Robert went out after him and he took off down the street. We figured he didn't have a coat and it is bitter cold so he would return soon. I got into the car and watched, hoping beyond hope he wouldn't run.


He went running and I followed with the van. He would stop and holler at me and I stayed calm trying a new technique. I kept saying things like, "I'm trying to make sure you're safe" and "I want to make sure you don't get hurt." Instead of my usual, "Get in the car now!" It didn't matter and he kept hollering and running. He turned and ran down a side street and then he took off down the one-way street that runs a block from us. I kept thinking he would get tired and scared and cold and get in the car, but if I followed too closely he would dart around and I was afraid he would run into traffic. Then he did it, he began to run the other direction. I turned the car around and drove done the street in the wrong direction. It was fabulous. He turned back in a block and I got to be legal again.

Okay, so I decided I would bluff him and head for home, knowing there was a side street very close. I pulled in, jumped out of the car and then hide around the small business there to grab him as he walked by. I almost worked til he got spooked at the dark corner, screamed and ran. I waited for him to turn back and he didn't. I peaked around the corner and he was gone. I panicked and ran around the corner and he was hiding on the other side of a soda machine. He screamed. I snatched his arm. And unceremoniously drug him to the car.


When I got home I stripped him down to his underwear. I figured he wouldn't run like that.

I am tired. I am not looking forward to the holidays. I really hate FAS.


Accidental Mommy said...

I remember when Poufy and CDQ threatened to run away. They were seperate occasions.

I think I blogged about it. But basically, I told them fine and led them to the door, put them out and shut the door behind them. Of course, I knew the front gates were locked but they didn't seem to remember that. I left them out for about 10 minutes, watching them stand by the door. Then I opened it and asked why they were still here.

They came back in, of course. We had a different therapist at the time, when I told him about it and what I maybe could have done differently he just chuckled.

Then I read the technique that you tried in Love and Logic and I was thinking "oops".

This was all before we knew the kids had RAD. So far, they haven't tried to run again. But yours, hmmm...that's a toughie.

Sheri said...

Oh Sasha, I've done that too. LOL But he does take off and since he has an IQ lower than 50 I am so afraid he will not find his way back home especially in the dark.

And trust me, the whole love and logic thing was only and act, I truly wanted throttle him. Problem is I'm old and fat and can't catch him when he runs! LOL

Torina said...

Sheri, that sounds like it was so awful and scary. Oh and that Love and Logic crap only works with kids that possess logic :) IMO I can use it with my boys but with Tara it is like I am the teacher in Charlie Brown.

Lisa said...

Geez...great way to spend a Saturday night huh? Wasn't this what you dreamed about when you were 17/18??? neither...

So sorry. Hoping you recuperated today.

I've only had a runner once and it was a kid (this kid doesn't have an alphabet behind her name) here for respite. Scared the living daylights out of me. Took days to get over...

Caustic Cupcake said...

Oh my goodness, that's awful! I'm glad it worked out in the end.

*projecting cheerful thoughts in your direction*