Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Fun with FAS . . .

Dustin gets home from school at 2:00. He spent all afternoon before I got home at 6:15 perseverating on his glasses. He left his brand new glasses at school. He spent all afternoon begging Robert not to tell me he left them at school. "Don't tell mom! She'll be some mad!"

So, I get home and sit down in the chair and begin talking to Robert. Dustin keeps interrupting, "Mom, Mom, Mom. . ." I keep talking since we are trying to get him to stop interrupting. I finish my thought and say, "Yes Dustin?"

He shouts, "I left my glasses at school!"

Robert bursts out laughing. Then he tells me about the afternoon.

Ahhh, FAS.

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Anonymous said...

Sigh. Well, it shows he is focusing on something for a long period of time.? M is always losing her sun glasses.

Tonight M talked about Dustin. She is really mad at me right now though since I would not buy her a piece of candy. Otherwise, we discussed her calling Dustin. Let him know M has been thinking about him.