Sunday, October 12, 2008

My very own saints . . .

I opened an email last night after a pretty crappy day.  Do you know what it was?  It was an invitation for Dustin for a play date.  It was sent Friday.  I have been so crazy lately that I haven't checked my email lately and I was upset I missed it.  I was at a conference all day Saturday and a Robert's day with all three kids could've been much better with a break from Dustin.

I responded hoping that they were up for it on Sunday.  They were!  I woke Sunday morning with a headache that hurt so badly I could've cut an arm off with a rusty paring knife and it would've hurt less.  What a blessing to have a break on a day like today!

They picked up a smiling face at 1:00 and we went over to my moms.  The kids had a blast.  We were able to relax and it was desperately needed.  On the way home McCartney asked to go to the park.  I still had a wicked headache, but I knew I could sit on a bench and enjoy the sun not having to worry abut what Dustin was doing or who he was irritating.  Robert dropped us off and he went home for some alone time.  The kids played and then we walked home.  When we got home, I as greeted by a wonderfully happy, smiling face.

Thanks Marla and Joe and dear sweet Maizie.  You are saints!  You gave us a blessing and know we can face our week brighter and more relaxed.  You rule!


Angie said...

So glad that your family's have connected! How wonderful for Dustin and Maizie.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you enjoyed the time but boy I wish you did not have a headache during it. Suck!

Dustin and Maizie had a great time seeing City of Ember. They were both on their best behavior. Before the movie we went to a park to burn off some energy. Maizie wanted to climb and Dustin wanted to chase bugs. A few times chasing a butterfly way off in the distance. Of course we called him right back and he came. I can see where, just like Maizie you have to watch him like a hawk!

I did notice Dustin was a little more unfocused and a bit nervous seeming more than the last time. He did great despite it. Maizie and Dustin also played with the guinea pigs and enjoyed ice cream. Boy can Dustin finish a bowl of ice cream fast! Wow!~

We had a great time with Dustin and hopefully they can get together sometime again soon.