Thursday, October 09, 2008

Anyone, Anyone? . . .

Anyone out there have anger pee-rs.  Dustin has been in a very rotten mode lately.  He is angry and foul most of the time.  He is disagreeable and has run out of the house on more than one occasions lately.  A week or so ago I thought the upstairs bathroom smelled badly.  I figured with 3 males in the house it must just be time to clean the toilet and surrounding floor.  I did.  It was still smelly. 

I wash my hair every morning because I shower before bed and when I get up in the morning I look like medusa.  I went to move the towel that I hang over the tub side and it was wet.  It smelled like urine.  I leaned down into the tub and there was a river of really smelly pee in the tub.  (Dustin's urine is FOUL due to some of the meds he takes)  I freaked out then woke Dustin up.  I had Dustin clean the tub out and told him needs to use the toilet, yada yada, yada.  (welcome to the world of FAS)

I am astounded that the dog has had 2 accidents on the bathroom floor this week.  I am tired of washing the bathroom rug.  Tonight I walk into the bathroom find another dog accident and then get in the shower and turn the water on.  It begins to really smell foul.  I realize he has been pee-ing in the shower now.  ARGH!  I call him in the bathroom and ask him if there is something he wants to tell me.  He says, "I pee on the rug" *gag* and I say anything else?  He says, "I pee in the shower all the time".  I ask the ridiculous mom question, "WHY?"  Here's the fun answers . . . 

Because I couldn't make it to the toilet.
Because their is something wrong with the toilet.
Because the toilet doesn't like me.
Because I like being in trouble.
Because I decided it would be good.
Because I'm bad.
Because I was trying to be good. (the typical Dustin answer)
and finally . . . the truth . . . 
I was trying to be mean to you and dad.  I was angry.

HALLELUJAH.  Truth.  (who other than a parent of a special needs child would be thrilled that their son said they pee in the shower because they  are angry at you as a parent)

Now, what do I do about it?  He is already very rarely unsupervised, am I going to have to watch him pee now too?  Ideas?  Anyone?

And by the way, I made him clean the shower and the floor and it is really sparkly clean.


Torina said...

Do you see me raising my hand, Sheri? I got two of those :) I always turn it around on them. JB gets mad so he lets me handle the anger pee. I turn it around so it doesn't do what they intended...I give Tara a hug and tell her I'm sorry that she feels like she needs to do gross things to hurt me because she only punishes herself. Then I hand her a rag and some cleaner or help her fill up the tub to wash her mess. With Toby, it has been a little trickier cause he hides it. So I have been working on getting him to tell the truth. When he does, I am happy. He cleans it up, too. I have heard from a ton of people that if you make a big deal out of it, it gets worse.

With both Tara and Toby, their old families made big deals out of it (reasons why they were moved a lot of the time) and it was REALLY bad when they first came to us. It got much better as time went on.

Of course, you have had Dustin for a long time...and no matter what it is nasty. We are starting to see a comeback with Tara lately. I'm just sticking to the same old stuff. We'll see how it goes.

Good luck on your end!!

Sheri said...

So I did well, freaking out before I woke him! LOL

Thanks for commiserating with me.

Mrs. Incredible said...

Yep. I call it purposeful peeing. I used to call it vengeful peeing, except I never did anything that he needed to exact revenge for. My AngryBoy doesn't even try to hide it though, just pees his bed or pees right in his pants. He'll straight out tell you he did it to make mom mad.


Anonymous said...

Oh Sheri. You are truly an amazing mom. I think you are getting some very good and supporting comments here. That is great.

M does not do this specific behavior. She hits me but she did do this behavior from the ages of three to five. Her favorite was taking off her pants and peeing from one end of the house to the other and then looking back at it so proud like. It was so exhausting cleaning that up all the time. It is hard not to over react to that.

It sounds like Dustin is under a lot of stress. Is school going okay for him? How is he doing with the Lithium? Are you still having to take him for blood draws a lot. I am curious about his medications. I know that certainly is not the total answer.

I am sending you hugs.

Sheri said...

Corey, thanks, it's nice to know we are not alone in this.

Marla, we have a psychiatrist appointment next week and we just did a lithium count this week so I will be curious about those levels, it does seem to have lost its effectiveness. I hesitate so much to change meds because it TOTALLY screws everything up every time and I DO NOT want to hospitalize him right now. Oddly enough the weekly blood draws have been beyond difficult for a month or so and the last 3 he has been super! He's an odd duck.

We have taken a look at our interactions and are tying to remove any semblance of stress for him. I feel like it is giving up, but we have to change this behavior and this stress in his life right now in order to survive.

School is NOT going well. He ran from them on Wednesday and had In-School-Suspension yesterday. I am stressed beyond belief, but we are hanging in there.

Jo said...

The itty bitty amount of Celexa that Dr. Ruby put Little Man on has changed our lives, BIG time.

Psycho Mom said...

AAAaaaggggghhhhh. Akila doesn't really have this problem, yet, or should I say that I don't really have this problem, yet. She does sometimes get pee all over, but usually because she is trying to watch the pee up close as it comes out. Lovely. Barb