Thursday, September 04, 2008

Dear darling Dustin . . .

Dustin has been a terribly rotten handful this week.

I am hoping it is simply transitional, but I am stressed that we are dealing with medication issues. His Lithium was increased to 3 pills daily. We had been stretching them out over the day. He began to wet the bed every night sometimes 3 times a night. Ugh!

Last week he had an appointment with the psychiatrist and he changed the Lithium to 3 pills all at once in the morning. The bed wetting has definitely slowed. But he seems really irritable and very on edge. I am hoping that it is not the medication, but is simply a period of grumpiness.

Dustin seems to have an anniversary this time of year. It was the time of year he was removed from his home. It was this time of year that he had his final visit with his mother. And it was this time of year he was kicked out of school. And it was this time of year that he was hospitalized the first time which was in a horrid facility in Indianapolis. (I have great regret over that decision) Autumn has always been a very difficult time in our household, it seems as he goes back to school and the weather begins to change he acts up. I am hoping that we are dealing with stressors that even he cannot put his finger on and not medication issues.

All of this combined with a new school year, differing routines, a different head teacher and 2 different teachers in his program are throwing him for a loop. I truly hope it levels out soon, I want me lovey Dustin back.


Anonymous said...

Oh no. I am so sorry to hear this. Hopefully M and D can get together soon. Starting school is so difficult.

M usually has a rough time in the Spring. I do think there is something to be said for "anniversaries".

When M was on Lithium she also had the bed wetting issue. Talk about a lot of work!

We are going through med struggles here as well. M has a rash that may be Lamictal related. How to know for sure? Argh. The medication tweaking never seems to stop.

Sending you guys hugs and prayers. Hang in there. Tell Dustin we are thinking about him and sending him hugs.

Torina said...

That's tough. I hope this blows over soon for you all!

PreSchoolMama said...

Sheri I am so sorry. I know Reagan really struglles with transitions.

Jo said...

You have my sympathies! Little Man is doing remarkably well, and I must say I think that a recent increase in his omega supplement is likely responsible for it. It is a wonderful thing for mood disorder and add stuff. It is fairly expensive, but there is no way we would stop giving it to him, and I use his adoption subsidy to pay for it. Give it a thought, okay?
Yeah, the bedwetting thing. Little Man was totally night trained until the Lithium. Never again. Ah well, I would rather he slept anyway!