Saturday, May 31, 2008

Too funny . . .

Today Dustin got out of the shower and I decided to put an avacado face-mask on him since we are dealing with the beginning stages of puberty and he has begun to get zits. He let it dry, washed it off and I was in the bathroom with him when I noticed that his uni-brow was getting really. He has always had one, but it is really getting bad. I decided I would pluck his eyebrows and I told Robert who was nearby in the kitchen.

I said, "Robert, I'm going to pluck Dustin's uni-brow."

Dustin immediately began hollering, "No! No!"

I asked, "Dustin do you even know what a uni-brow is?"

He said, "No. But I don't want you to pick my uni-brow, it's my friend!" in the whiniest voice he has.

I nearly wet myself laughing.

I should've done before and after shots. He looks handsome! Is it wrong that I just plucked a 13 year old boys eyebrows? LOL


Joe said...

"it's my friend" - too cute!

Jo said...

Nope, gotta do what you gotta do to keep the kids looking good. Also husbands. I don't know how old yours is, but if he isn't growing ear hair yet, HE WILL. Eww! Pluck it before it gets out of control.

Robert Rouse said...

Trust me, she already takes care of my ears and eyebrows. She's very OCD about things like that.

Patty said...

My son was older than 13 when my hair stylist waxed his brow. He screamed like a girl and she still talks about that experience. He does his own now as he won't go back and let her.