Sunday, February 10, 2008

The tide has turned . . .

I am still sitting in my bed with the laptop waiting very patiently til Harrison goes to sleep. He continues to attempt to engage me in conversation. I am really good at ignoring.

The following exchange just happened . . .

Harrison: I'm really really really hungry and thirsty.
Me: (silence)
Harrison: For real. Do you hear me?
Me: It's time for sleeping. Please close your eyes.
Harrison: But I'm really really REALLY thirsty.
ME: (silence)
Harrison: (after about 2 minutes) I hate you.
Me: ( giggling like a horrible mother)
Harrison: I really really REALLY do hate you.
Harrison: And STOP laughing. (throwing a pillow at me trying not laugh himself)

about 3 minutes pass . . . while I attempt not to keep giggling.

Harrison: (in the tiniest little voice) I really do. I mean I hate you.

Apparently he no longer wishes to have my company. Maybe daddy can get him to sleep.


Angie said...

Oh my gosh! Harrison and C. must be taking the same class together, "How to try to manipulate your sweet mother by saying TERRIBLE things to her." I gave up Thursday or was it Friday? No matter, this has been going on daily lately. I sighed heavily and began agreeing with C. He was stunned for half a minute and then said, "Finally, mommy you're telling the truth! You don't care about me and see I told you you hate me!" Soon after he apologized, but I think it may have had more to do with the fact that lunch was soon approaching and I think he wasn't certain I would feed him if he kept up telling me how much he hated me. The best tactic is to ignore, but man my little guy is sooooo much like me and he totally knows how to push my buttons! I love him so much though. Just can't wait for this "phase" to be over.

Psycho Mom said...

Oh what fun. Akila is very into telling me she hates me and hates it when I don't give her a reaction. I too have a hard time not laughing, but Akila goes into a rage for sure if I do laugh at her. Guess I don't like being laughed at either when I'm mad. But come on, she is mad so much!!! Barb