Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Shrunken days . . .

Lately I feel like my days have shrunken to about 12 hours, of which I sleep about 7 hours away. I feel all frustrated and hurried. The house is a pit (hint,hint honey) and I am crazy! Work is NUTS right now as we are short staffed. Yesterday I was in just about every age group at one point or another. When I'm not running all over creation at work, I must find time to renew a bunch of people's CPR certifications AND begin working on our Week of the Young Child presentation. Agh! I must stop listing or I will go nuts!

I have recently discovered a blog by an adoptive mother that goes to my church. She is amazing and quite funny! Go on over and check out Kimberely's blog . . . you will laugh I promise. Her 100th post is hysterical! She and her husband just adopted the cutest little girl from Ethiopia. Go on over and say hello!

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Angie said...

Hopefully things will slow down soon. Sorry to hear about Robert's friend. It's so hard.

Your book order should be in later this week. Thanks for suporting my little biz. I appreciate it immensely.