Thursday, February 14, 2008

How do I love thee . . .

Since I forgot to post about my dear, sweet husband on his birthday recently, I decided I would do a Valentine's Day Post, even though we don't typically celebrate this very commercial holiday. Tonight in celebration, I am taking the kids to a skating party and he is staying home with Dustin . . . exciting huh?

So, here's 37 things I love about Robert . . .

1. His creativity.
2. He does most of the dishes in our house. (I am really bad at it)
3. The way he interacts with Dustin.
4. The way he wakes the kids up in the morning ( with humor and lots of love)
5. His gray, long hippie hair.
6. His passion for peace.
7. His liberal perspective.
8. His humor.
9. His singing voice.
10. His photoshop skills.
11. The way he can explain something to me so I can understand it. (and the kids too)
12. His willingness to explain things to me.
13. He loves to share his knowledge AND his opinion.
14. All the trivial information that is in his head.
15. His love for the Beatles.
16. His love for the kids.
17. His love for me.
18. His grandma's chicken and dumplings recipe.
19. The way he makes me try new foods. (mmmmm, sushi)
20. His love for reading.
21. His thirst for knowledge.
22. The way he immerses himself in a project.
23. His determination.
24. His values.
25. His love of music.
26. His addiction to Lay's Classic Potato chips and popcorn
27. He will eat my cooking.
28. He chose to be a stay-at-home daddy.
29. He cleans my house.
30. He humors me when I order him around.
31. He listens to me (most of the time).
32. He deals with my OCD.
33. He deals with my indecisiveness.
34. He cares about people.
35. He cares about animals.
36. The way he loves his cat (much ot his own dismay)
37. He chose me.

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Angie said...

Very nice! You're a lucky lady.