Friday, November 16, 2007

Roll on . . .

Last night I took both "the littles" to their first roller skating outing. Harrison's school had a skate party at the Roller Dome and we had a blast. I nearly peed my pants watching my kids fall over and over and over. Actually, Harrison must have fallen 300+ times, but McCartney, who is the klutziest child, did remarkably well. She had so much fun watching Harrison fall that she actually would "sympathy-fall" for him right after he would.

It was interesting to see her interact with other children. Until know I really haven't observed her with other kids other than daycare and church. She has no fear of rejection, she will talk to any and every child. She made friends with a little girl and they skated around holding hands most of the night. She also watched the kids do the macarena and the cha-cha slide and did all the motions as well. It was hysterical.

The night actually made me remember all the skating parties I went to in elementary school. I can remember tooling around the rink in my jeans with the satin roller skate on the butt and woven ribbon- braided barretts in my hair, groovin' to Blondie's "Rapture" or Queen's "Another One Bite's the Dust". We would then take a break and eat a big ol' Dill Pickle.

Boy, we thought we were cool.


Dizzy Dezzi said...

Your post totally takes me back! I haven't showed my kids the joy of skating, yet, but, I was never very good at it, so I am probably NOT the best person to take them on an outing.

I remember I used to meet "the cutest boys" there. Most memorable night is when I and another female skater were waiting outside the boys' room for our boyfriends only to discover that we were waiting on the same boy! The look on his face was priceless when he saw me and her, waiting crossed-armed and side by side, for him to make his exit. She and I became good friends that night, but he became a single guy ;)

That was the last time I ever went skating...the drama was too much for me :D

Patty said...

I LOVED roller staking. Am NOT a fan of roller blades.