Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Happy . . . to me.

Yesterday was my birthday. It pretty much passed me by as I worked 13 hours at "real work" and then over at the new building trying to get it ready for our first licensing inspection tomorrow. I kept singing . . . "Happy Birthday to me, I'm working overtime, It stinks to be me, But I'll like my next check!" The new building is hot, humid and stinky. We are in a mad rush to get everything completed by tonight, and I'm not sure it will be done. Contractors suck.

Today is my 10th Year Anniversary. Happy Anniversary honey! I had panned a nice surprise dinner at a swanky place in town. Mom was going to watch the kids and I made reservations. Well, no luck. There is far too much work to do and Robert isn't feeling that well, so we are postponing. "Happy Anniversary to me, I'm working overtime . . . "

I am so thankful that I met and married such a wonderful man. I admire his patience toward the children. His love and devotion toward Dustin. His commitment and love for me. I admire his convictions and his heart for peace. I even love the things that irritate me, his penchant getting lost in projects and his constant "It will all work out" speech.

I love you, Robert. You are my rock, a wonderful father, my encourager and the love of my life!


Robert Rouse said...

Happy Anniversary, sweetheart! I love you, too!

Charlotte A. Weybright said...


Congratulations! I posted over at Left of Centrist too. Few people seem to find true happiness and simply settle as they get older.

What a great love story - may you have eternity together.

FAScinated said...

Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Happy Everything! ~Kari

Patty said...

Congrats on both counts, as usual you are putting others ahead of yourself. I say this not to scold, but to say thanks for all you do to make the word a better place. I think it was God who was working overtime when you were created!

When you are finished with the move, I would love to hear the "how you met and fell in love story of you and Robert." I love those!