Monday, August 20, 2007

A Day of Firsts . . .

Today the daycare opened in the new location. It was awesome. I also sent my baby boy to kindergarten today. I put my baby on the bus at daycare and got in the car and drove to the school so that I would be there when he arrived. I was terrified that he would cry when he got on the bus, but he did great. He was terribly excited. I was also afraid I would cry, but I held it together. He had a great day. I was a little nervous as his bus was over minutes late. I knew it was the first day of school, and the buses are usually crazy, so I tried to keep busy and ignore the fact that I had no idea where my boy was. He bounded off the bus and was so happy to see me. That was when I cried. I'm sappy I guess.
This was our conversation on the way home:

Me: What did you have for lunch?
Harrison: Pizza. Guess what color it was.
Me: What color?
Harrison: Gray.
Me; Oh! Was it good?
Harrison:Yes, but it was gray.

I spent the remainder of the ride home having to hear McCartney continually saying, "I want gray pizza!"

Mmmm. School lunches . . .

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