Saturday, April 14, 2007

What a week . . .

I have had a rough week. I have been struggling to come to terms with Dustin's modified schedule and all that means for our household schedule. Due to this, Robert has less time for keeping up with the housework since most of his time is spent watching every move that Dustin makes. It does however allow us to have a chore chart for Dustin, but that requires even more supervision. So, it has been a restructuring of our routine.

It is also my busiest time of year as I work diligently on our special celebration week coming up in the next 10 days, and working on the big move in August, (with committee meetings and measuring and organizing and ordering and all that) as well as firming up the summer schedule of field trips and activities. I have new staff to train, orientations for families to do and First Aid classes this week and a HUGE slideshow presentation to put together. AGH!

Back to Dustin, is behavior has gone downhill at home probably due to the routine change. He is so out of sorts that I have had to return to restraining him (holds not shackles LOL) and deep pressure to calm him. It sucks and makes me feel like a horrible parent. Hopefully it is simply because of this schedule change or the absolutely CRAZY weather and we will even out soon.

I am off to a day of shopping with my mom . . .WITHOUT kids. That should turn my mood around!


Patty said...

Forget the showers...You are smack in the middle of an April downpour. Hopefully May will not only bring flowers, but some relief from all your stress and pressure.

FAScinated said...

It has been rough here with behaviors as well. Change of any kind seems to just throw them for a loop. Hang in there! ~Kari