Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Let it snow . . .

Today we have a blizzard warning in our fair city. We do not close down our school unless there is a level 2 citywide emergency issued. Our county called a level 2 but it did not include the incorporated parts of Fort Wayne. What is funny is that everyone thinks they have information. We have had so many parents call and tell us that it is a level 2. We have been in constant contact with the Fort Wayne Police Department to check the status. . . and it is not alevel 2.

What strikes me as amusing is that when you give information and you are incorrect and adamant about it you sound foolish. It is like playing operator when you were a kid and once it gets down the line you are saying something totally wrong. We even had a parent that works for the street department give us faulty information. I guess all I am saying is that if you haven't gotten the information from the source, don't think it's correct until you verify it . . . if not you just lose any credibility you had.

Today, Indiana Newscenter was reporting that we had a level 2 snow emergency. This information was incorrect and was confusing our parents who were calling. We called the newsroom and a really crabby lady asked "Why do you care anyway? Why is it your business?" Well, I'll tell you why it's my business, because you should be reporting the actual news . . . although I never rely on them for news anyway. . . apparently for a reason. And this is why people are confused . . .

You can see the actual county emergency information here . . .



Parson said...

I'm confused it shows

Allen County - Level 2
New Haven - Level 2
Fort Wayne - Snow Emergency
Woodburn - Snow Emergency

Isn't Fort Wayne in Allen County?

heh, I went by Newscenter when they said it was a lvl. 2 and called into work for the night.

Sheri said...

The Allen County website says "The Level 2 emergency declared by the Commissioners applies only to the unincorporated areas of Allen County."

The city (incorporated portion) makes it's own decisions and the Mayor only chose to make a snow emergency . . . it is not even a level one. If you call the Fort Wayne Police desk they will tell you that FOrt Wayne is not in a level 2.

Strange . .. but true