Thursday, February 01, 2007

Families. . .

Harrison had a wonderful surgery yesterday. His tonsils are gone, he had to have a revisional adnoidectomy and the remaining ear tube has removed. Thankfully the eradrum had grown in behind it so it did not need to be patched, so swimming in Florida is in!

He did so well. I was really bracing for the worst since the tubes and adnoids were awful when he was younger! He did puke quite a bit since he is far too much like me and he pukes well, but he was up running around and eating normally in about 8 hours. He hasn't even had any substantial pain medication. he slept better last night than he has in months since he could finally breath. and best of all, NO snoring!

McCartney was in the the doctor's office on Tuesday for a sinus and ear infection, and I was told her tonsils are big and her adnoids are huge and pussy . . . hope you're not eating as you read. . . so I have a hunch we'll be in surgery with her after our trip in March.

I have friends at my employer who are going through a rough time. There are 3 girls who adore their "daddy". Their father, who is a local pastor, is quite ill. He suffered a heartattack yesterday and is CICU and they don't think he will pull through. Funeral plans are being made and the family is devastaed as to be expected. I went and vistited today and they are doing as good as one can. It brought back so many memories of sitting at the hospital waiting for my dad to pass 10 years ago. It hardly seems like it could've been so long ago. . . Think about this family in your thoughts as you go about your day. Think also about your parents if you are blessed to still have them. Call them. Talk to them and listen to their voice. Pack it away in your memory and hold it in your heart. There will come a day when that voice is silenced. Let them know they are loved!

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Patty said...

Will do on the thoughts and prayers for the family.

WHAT AN ANGELIC PICTURE of your little man! Glad he is doing well.