Monday, January 22, 2007

The game that was . . .

Wow. What a game. I thought it was a goner early on, but had hope that my boys could pull it out and comeback to win. I didn't think it would be as nerve-racking as it became. After that good rally at the end of the first half, the crowd got back into that game and the boys got back into their stride. Much was said later about what Dungy had said in the locker room and they all said it wasn't "magic" just talk of execution. They had to execute the plays to get the yardage, and they definitely came back onto the field to execute!

The first drive of the second half yielded 76 yards in 14 plays resulting in a touchdown and they kept matching New England's scores until the last minute of the game when the Colts took the lead for the first time in 59 minutes.
That 3 yard run by Jospeh Addai (who I have said all year is my new favorite, and was a fantastic replacement for Edgerrin) cinched the Colts lead. The "comeback king" Brady still had time to work the ball up the field, but a field goal would not tie the game. But the "clutch" got stuck. Brady threw and interception right into the hands of Marlin "not of the Jackson 5" Jackson and clinched the victory. Nice! I love that it was Brady who handed us the win and I love that it was a defensive player that finished off the game. What a way to give our defense that has truly stepped up to the plate in the playoffs some much necessary confidence. I will remember that interception and the picture of Jackson diving on his back holding tight to the ball is forever etched in my mind.

There were many more wonderful plays and memorable moments. The offensive line touchdown on the fumble recovery by Jeff Saturday, the quarterback sneak on the first touchdown for the Colts, the Klecko (a former Pat) touchdown that resulted in the 2-point conversion to tie the game the first time and that play by Reggie Wayne as he recovered his own fumble before he or the ball even hit the ground.

The pure excitement and joy shown by all players especially Dungy and Manning, should have washed away any doubt that nay-sayers had about the Colt's being a Superbowl caliber team. Yet, today on NFL network I heard some fool talking about how San Diego and Baltimore have a right to be proud because they are better teams. He says that the Colts are not the best team in the AFC, that they were just lucky. What does it take for this team and for Peyton to get the recognition and the respect they deserve. There will still be those who will still say it was luck and they are not the best team even if they win in 2 weeks in Miami. Sad.

I can't decide what I am more excited about. The fact that they are going to the Superbowl or the fact that they stomped Tom Brady and the Patriots. Or the fact that they did it with the help of Adam Vinateri.

I am excited about the Superbow
l, but today I will revel in the apparent disgust on the face of Tom Brad, the dejected attitude of Belichick after the game and the victory dance of Dwight Freeney.. Apparently sweater vests are better than sweatshirts. . . Go Colts!

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