Monday, December 11, 2006

Golden slumbers fill your eyes . . .

Dustin did not sleep one wink last night. When you have an impulsive child that needs constant supervision this is not a good thing. Robert was up with him most of the night, but the "alarm" that we have on his door woke me almost every time he opened the door, which by the way felt like 3198 times. He finally went to sleep about 8:30 this morning.

It is amazing to me how a child can be on enough medication to make a grown adult sleep for days, and still manage to stay awake. It once again points to the fact that his brain chemistry is just plain wacky.

This is not just from the crazy weekeend. His sleep habits have been going downhill fast. The last 5-6 nights have been difficult and now they have finally bottomed out. I have an appointment at the pychiatrist at 12:10 for him. Hopefully we can get this remedied. We also need to get a handle on his hallucinations. He has an entirely fictional world that lives around him. He is constantly talking to people who are not there, and creates this fantasy life for himself with a wife and an alternate family. Some people may say that is a good imagination. The problem is that it is real to him. Not good, not good at all for a child who doesn't know how to seperate te two and doesn't always live in reality to begin with.

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