Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Scary stuff . . .

Anyone that has child involved in special education knows that IEP can be a scary thing. I had an IEP conference today to amend Dustin's IEP with a new behavior plan. I have been dreading it all week. I knew that I would have to bring up some issues that I thought the school was falling short in. Well, slap me face and call me spanky . . . they had already made adjustments to their programs and had included all my concerns into the behavior plan already. I made very few suggestions and they were all very minimal. I knew that this staff was pretty amazing and worked hard together, but I was dumbfounded.

It was a very positive experience and that is rare when it comes to FAS kids, IEPs and behavior plans. The administrator that was there was kind, encouraging and helpful as well. I was totally impressed.

Another scary thought . . . Tina Taviano lost her race for sheriff. Scary? Yes. We now have a good old boy running a multi-million dollar budget on a high school diploma. . . yikes. Congrats Tina on all the hard work and effort and heart you put into your campaign. You are a true hero in my book!

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FAScinated said...

I am sure that your school is learning a lot from you and eventually other families will benefit from all your hard work and advocacy. Glad to hear the IEP meeting went well...I always dread them too! ~Kari