Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Give me a break . . .

I just received a call from my son's school. Apparently he had punched a child in the "privates". The administrator called me because she was concerned that it may be sexually motivated. Bull-oney! He is a 5 year old in an 11 year old body. He thought it was funny! I understand he cannot hit, but hitting in the "privates" is not significant other than that. I spoke to him, gave him what-for and assured her that he would be punished and that he was not acting sexually, he simply does not function on that level. Her last statement was that she would "speak to him about how that could be construed as sexual harassment".

Whatever. She just doesn't get it.

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Patty said...

That is one of the more sad things that has happen to this world. We have pigeon-holed behavior into a few classes, two being sexual harrasment and terrorism. My adult son was fired from his job because he used the word "kill" when he muttered something in anger under his breath and was over heard. I am not saying he was right to behave like that (and is in anger management counciling currently as a result so something good came out of it), just that his immediate boss did NOT want to fire him, but had to because of new terrorist policies since 911.

As my kids were going through public school and these things would come up, we would decide case by case if it were worth fighting or if we would simply endure what the school deemed appropriate and move on. The school can think anything it wants, but you are still the mother, and the most important structure in your son's life.