Friday, October 27, 2006

Give me a break . . .

Dustin has been out of the hospital since Monday morning. He has had a great week. Now, remember that your defination of "great" and mine may be different. Great for us is no therapeutic holds, no crawling around on the floor biting our ankles like a dog, no pretending to pee on his peers like a dog, no "meltdowns, no agressiveness, and he has slept through the night since Tuesday. It does not mean we have had perfect behavior, he is still impulsive and has to be watched. "Great week" for us means that we can actually enjoy our life and our family without wanting to pull our hair out.

Which brings me to school. . . (Oh I so hope that his teachers aren't reading this blog) Dustin gets a behavior card to bring home everyday. It tells us whether he had a happy-face day or a sad-face day. Tuesday through Thursday had an OK in the middle of the faces. The comments were things like, "kicked a student in the hall" and "ate candy he was asked to put in his bookbag". Whoop-de-doo. This is the child two weeks ago who was out of control, running out the building, doing all the behaviors above AND and threatening to spray 3 or more adults with a can of Lysol. . . yes my child was wielding a can of Lysol like a weapon, my life is so fun. Anyhoo, today we got a note that while changing his clothes after gym he pulled down his pants in the boys bathroom and shook his butt at the other boys. Okay, you have to understand Dustin has had this same note sent home about 15-20 times in he last three years since he has been in a regular school. GIVE ME A BREAK. This is a problem. Hmmm . . . it doesn't take a rocket scientist to stop this behavior. . . DONT LET HIM CHANGE WITH THE OTHER BOYS. You are setting my child up for failure by allowing him into the bathroom with all the boys in the class. Duh.

We are gonna have some issues at our behavior plan conference coming up. Artivle 7 in Indiana says that you must change your environment so that my child can succeed. You need to change your program to benefit the needs of my child, and having him change alone is not that diffcult of a thing. Okay . . . vent over . . . I feel better now.

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