Monday, September 04, 2006

Oh, What a night . . .

Yesterday was truly an adventure. The wait all summer was definitely worth it. Here are a few observations from the concert :

1. Kenny Chesney fans sure know how to tailgate. But, please remind me never to be an old woman who opens her van hatch and places a sign that says "Bar's Open" so I can mix drinks for all the young hotties walking around while shaking my old butt. . . enough said.

2. There are some funny T-shirts out there nowdays. There was a group of "kids" across from us and one had a T-shirt on that I don't think would get him a date. It said, "My Balls Itch". Not a good sign for prospective girlfriends. My favorite T-shirt of the day was "I Would Do Me".

3. Laura knows how to party. Thanks for the tickets, and thanks for the fun! Cruzan confusion rocks.

4. Uncle Kracker is a hottie, pure and simple.

5. The Pretty Princess rocked the house. It was a fun night and definitely an experience ending the tour at Verizon Wireless the band and "Mostly Crue" seemed to have a great time.

6. TBWYH can sing.

7. Kenny fans are rabbid. One4JC said it all when she said that it was like going to "the Church of Chesney".

8. Port-a-Potties suck. . . (and they don't flush do they Stacy)

9. Verizon Wireless needs a new plan on getting cars out of the parking lot. Getting there when the gates open and being close to the front is a bad thing when you are leaving the lot.


Teresa said...

Amen sister on the parking and the party!!

I saw a guy with a shirt "Hold my beer while I *uck your wife." Whatever.

Laura said...

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

Sorry about the bender; that damn BWYH.