Sunday, July 23, 2006

Weekend Bliss . . .

What a nice weekend. We had a wonderful family weekend. It was fun and yet relaxing. Saturday Robert and I filmed a television show for a firend who has a cable access show. It was interesting and a lot of fun. We talked about adopting out of the foster system and the challenges and rewards of adopting a child with special needs. I know it’s only cable access, but maybe someone will come to a better understanding of special needs kids after seeing this show.

Robert had volunteered to walk in a parade Saturday afternoon with our choice for candidate for sheriff. . . Tina Taviano. . . at the local 4H Fair. The kids and I decided to go, and since he had to be there an hour early, we got to walk around the fair and see all the sights and eat some grease-soaked junk food. . . Mmmmm. The kids LOVED the animals and they were all terrifically well behaved for me. Having all three myself is usually a daunting task, but it was a great afternoon. We came home and took a walk with Cayenne, our hurricane dog, and the "littles" rode their bikes. (which is great because Harrison FINALLY learned how to pedal a couple weeks ago) Dustin and I did a whole bunch of work in the yard and it looks awesome.

Sunday we had a restful day and went to our association picnic and swim party at a local pool that has a FANTASTIC kiddie area. I would post pictures, but SOMEONE forgot to put the memory stick back in the camera. . . Hmmmm . . . who could that be Robert?

All in all, it was an wonderful weekend with my three blessings! Robert and I deserved a good weekend after all the turmoil our family has been through in the last few weeks with behaviors and such.

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