Thursday, June 22, 2006

Oh, woe is me . . .

Last night I was going to bed when I turned on a small dresser light to take me nightly pills and ZAP all the lights went out in the house. My hubby went outside to see if all the neighbors were out since we were in the throws of a fairly wicked storm and nope, only us. In fact, our renters had electricity, so he went to the basement to check the breaker box. The main breaker was tripped, so he went to flip it, and it was so hot he burnt his fingers. After a call to an electrician and an emergency visit at 1:00am we found out the we fried our entire panel. Not only that, but it couldn't be fixed until morning. Not only that, but it would be upwards of $900.

BooHooing ensued and I began freaking about the bill, the heat, and all the meat in my chest freezer. Thankfully Robert came up with the idea to call the neighbors and borrow their electricity for the fridge and freezer, so the meat is safe. I survived the hot night, the kids finally went to sleep and the electricity is now on.

They think that we hit by lightning, or a surge traveled the line until it so nicely picked my house to terrorize. Thankfully we didn't catch fire, and we are all safe. Our electronics faired well thanks to surge protectors but my wallet is feeling the heat.

**update** Robert just heard from the electrician that it was definitely lightning, so I guess we got lucky.

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Laura said...

Y'all did get lucky. Count your blessings, and I'm sure they're worth more than $900.

I say that like it's no big deal. I know that's a lot of money, BUT lives are not replaceable and electrical panels are.

Is Robert ok? His hand isn't burnt too badly is it?