Saturday, May 13, 2006

I'm a momma . . .

Our home has sometimes been called a zoo. . . sometimes due to the kids, but mostly due to the amount of animals in our home. The animals have decreased over the years, that's why I laugh when someones says, "You have all of that?" becuse we used to have much more.

Currently we have :

Boomer - a blue and gold Macaw
Caesar - an African Grey Parrot
Max - a Toy Fox terrier and Pomeranian mix
Cayenne - our hurricane dog - a Chow-Sheperd mix
Cotton & Setzer - what's left of our Cockatiel flock (a pearl and a pied)
Osborne (Ozzy) - a lovable cat who thinks he is a dog

This week we have added to the menagerie in our house once again. Meet our teeny-tiny rat babies. The girls are yet unnamed. I think we are calling one Freeway . . . the one who has a "center-line" down her back. I know, I know RATS! But they are so cute I couldn't let them become snake food ( which by the way we had one named Cleo at one point) and after much research found they are quite clean, smart and loveable.


one4JC said...

Are you sure they are both girls??? Or will there be little rat babies in the future??

John Good said...

Not to offend, but isn't the common term "little rat bastids"? (grin)

Andrew Kaduk said...

I'm sure Ozzy will find them to be a tasty treat.