Saturday, March 04, 2006

Can't Hardly Wait . . .

Not simply on of my favorite songs from the fabulous Replacements, but I can't hardly wait for spring. . . I can't stand my windows shut and I would LOVE to see green grass. I have seen some of my daffodils pushing through the ground, and I can't wait to get my hands dirty in the soil. My yard is by no means landscaped professionally, but I love to work in the yard and I have made it quite nice in the 6 years we have lived here. Many people have shared some wonderful perennials and I have in turn passed some on as well. I love the plants, like hostas, that double and triple over a years time.

We have also planted a couple trees in the front yard. I got this idea from my step sister-in-law, and I thought it was cool . . . we had the doctor save our kids placenta for us and we took it home and planted a tree with it. We dug the hole, dumped in the placenta which acts like fertilizer, and planted the tree. I thought the hospital would think we were crazy, but they said they have that request often. I usually tell people this and they think we are nuts. Our neighbors jokingly tell their kids not to eat the apples because they'll get pregnant. :)

Anyhoo . . . Harrison has an apple tree and McCartney has a pear tree. The trees are hearty and growing quite well. They both had fruit the year after they were planted. The kids know that the trees are theirs. I think it's pretty cool.


one4JC said...

yep...confirms you are crazy.

But I can't wait for spring either!

John Good said...

I'M just glad that somebody else out there is a Replacements fan! =)