Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Could they be any nicer . . .

The following is letter from Dave Lambert of the FW Peace Action, he is writing concerning the Camp Casey that has been set up. My husband, myself and our children visited the camp the other night. I couldn't have been exposed to a group of nicer people. You could immediately see the kindness and acceptance of the group. My husband has been visiting the campsite daily and will man the site while members go out and speak to different groups. It has been a positive experience and has truly helped so many people see that this war is NOT RIGHT. My hats go off to those who are staying at the camp.

See my husbands blog for further information at

As you know, Cliff Kindy has established Camp Casey at 1521 E. Pontiac Street (the new hdqs of NAACP.) For the next couple of weeks, volunteers are needed to help staff the camp.

Will you kindly consider dropping by to see how you can help? This is an important event, which carries on the work started by Cindy Sheehan at Crawford TX.

Please drop by any time of the day and talk with Cliff, Tom, Amy or whoever is there and ask how you can help make Camp Casey a success in helping to end the war in Iraq.

Dave Lambert
Fort Wayne Peace Action

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