Friday, October 14, 2005

Could I be any more blessed . . .

As the days get colder and shorter, I tend to get depressed. I can't stand winter and I have even more to worry about this year as gas pricers shoot through the roof. You see, I have a very old home, and my gas bill is close to the cost of a round trip plane ticket to Hawaii. (Ok, not quite, but I love to exxagerate.) I spent last weekend on a ladder stapling plastic to my windows in an effort to keep the hot air inside. I have a wonderful kerosene heater that keeps the living room nice and toasty, and I have also purchased an electric space heater since electric is more cost effective than gas these days.

So, I decided as I am sitting here worrying about my life in general and bemoaing the fact that I live in an upper midwestern state that I would make a list of my blessings. So humor me. . .

1. I have a great dog.

Ok, so he's not so great, and he's ugly and fat, but he loves me. The rest of my family can't stand him, but Max is devoted to me and me alone. I must be ok if he loves me.

2. My children are super.

OK, so my older son got in trouble at school today for whining, my younger son had 2 potty accidents before noon, and my lovely daughter went around telling her teacher "No touch me!" all day. But, they are cute and cuddly and love me unconditionally, that has to count for something.

3. My husband is a stay at home daddy and takes care of the house.

Ok, he doesn't make the bed, and he loves to blog ALL THE TIME, and he doesn't sort the laundry right, but he is an awesome daddy and does cook.

4. I have a nice job.

Ok, my job is crazy, I deal with other people's kids all day, I work with my mother, and now we are probably moving to a new building and I don't want to. But, it pays the bills and I believe it is the right job for me.

5. I have a home to live in, I have food in my cupboards, I have a wonderful family, I have a husband that loves me, I have children to make me smile . . . I AM BLESSED

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one4JC said...

I can't believe I actually set up my own are right I do enjoy it!