Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Man, I hate when he's right . . .

My husband is really good at being right. I hate to say that in print, but it's true! Robert is a true trivia buff and he reads everything he can get his hands on about entertainment. He likes to be informed. When we first met, I called him "Mr. know-it-most". Here is one of my biggest pet peeves about my husband . . .

He will start harping on me about watching a particular show. Usually it's some obscure series pilot or some backpage cult phenonenom that "normal" network-type people haven't given a chance. Usually one of two things happen: there is some outcry from fans when the show is slated for cancellation that tends to get more people interested, or it gets cancelled and becomes more popular on DVD with rabid fans. Anyway . . . he'll start nagging me to watch something I have no desire to see. He'll DVR and store several episodes until I finally break down and watch one just to get him off my back. this is usually done with a grumpy attitude and a "fine, I'll watch it but you can't make me like it" comment. Here's an outline of what typically happens . . . within my own mind

1 minuite into show - "see, what a stupid theme song . . I knew this would suck"
10 minutes - " man, I could be doing so much other stuff . . . this sucks"
15 minutes - "Argh! He has 3 weeks saved on DVR, I'm NOT watching the other weeks"
25 minutes - " this isn't so bad, but I can live with out it"
35 minutes - "crap! I kinda like this"
45 minutes - "MAN I hate when Robert's right"
The End - "I can put the kids to bed and watch the other episodes tonight"

This has happened with Buffy, Dead Like Me, the original season of 24, Veronica Mars, Wings of Prey, and now most recently Firefly.

I admit it . . . I AM TRULY ADDICTED TO FIREFLY, MY HUSBAND WAS RIGHT . . . There I said it, happy now?

Firefly is fabulous. It is interesting and witty and has great humor. Joss Whedon is a master of the odd cut aways to commercial and that wonderful Xander-esque dry humor that makes you spit out your soda. I LOVE it. If you get a chance, catch this wonderful "cult-classic" on DVD, the entire series is under $30, before the motion picture Serenity comes to theatres.

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