Monday, August 29, 2011

Free fabric and leather sofas . . .

We bought a leather sectional last winter. I love it. I wanted leather because it wipes really clean and with 3 kids, that is important. I love the way it looks, but I hate sitting on it. It is slippery in the summer when I am sweaty and cold in the winter. We usually put a blanket on it, but it slides around and I am constantly fixing it. It drives me bananas!

I was gifted some fabric from a friend who was purging her house. I scored a large curtain made out of this wonderful stripe and a bunch of left overs (at least 3 yards). I actually wavered between taking the left overs or not and finally decided that I would. I am so glad.

It has been sitting in my closet for the summer and I finally decided to break it out and do something about the sofa.

I made a couple coverlets for each side of the sectional. They were basically made from large rectangles with a smaller triangular top and I just hemmed the edges. On the tops, I made a channel similar to a curtain rod hole so I could tuck in a 1x2 peice of wood. That wood tucks into the crevice of the couch between the top and bottom cushions. The wood helps hold it in so it won't shift when we sit on it. (I learned that years ago on Decorating Cents on HGTV, I loved that show!) For the bottom, I simply made little straps that hooked on the legs of the sofa. I am hoping this helps the fabric not shift around and drive my nuts!

This is the top where the board tucks into the channel. This just got wedged in between the top and bottom cushions. Works great!

I was too lazy to take the bottom straps off to take a picture, but see how well it holds the fabric straight and taut.

The pillow covers are a simple envelope type and are made with the strips on the back and a pretty complimentary flowered on the top. The old pillows simply tucked right inside and are easily washable for the pesky kids.

Here's one side of the finished sofa. What'cha think?


cindy the cottage chick said...

AMAZING! I totally need to try this with our pilly sectional that I'm too lazy to sew 45 million cushion covers for. SO glad you got all that fabric!

Love the pillows too...:)

Denise said...

Okay, I just need you to come over to my house and work your magic here! I love the idea, but I'll never get to it! We bought leather for the same reason you did, and now we have a nice big tear, courtesy of "Not Me", through the middle cushion. So great looking.

I love your fabric, too!

Becky said...

I am in awe of your talent woman!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I love your ingenuity...and your talent...but you are killin' me by covering up the leather...why not just get a fabric couch then? Isn't leather a ton more than non/leather? You definitely are talented, and I love the wood idea for keeping it in place. But yeah...just couldn't imagine covering up the leather!
Cheers! Suzanne

Anonymous said...

Love your craftiness! I don't have time to be that crafty, so I use old duvet covers. I just stuff the cushions in the duvet, button it up, and slap it back on the couch. Because it's wrapped on all sides, it doesn't slide around.