Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Medication update . . .

We are so far thrilled with the Daytrana patch. Harrison is doing well and he is much happier. I spoke with the pediatrician today and she wants to up the dosage a bit since his teacher and family both noticed that he is a bit sporadic and still hyper. He is focused enough to get his work done at school but he bounces all over the place. We have noticed the same at home. He is able to focus, but he is still all over the place when he is not doing something that captivates him.

A bonus, he is getting along with his sister much, much better. They have always fought like cats and dogs and he is so much more agreeable on the patch that they are getting along famously! I think it is because he is a lot less irritable and he tolerates so much more. I am so happy to see them playing together for hours without arguing and smacking one another! I think they have only gotten mad at one another maybe twice in a week! That is a miracle!

It actually makes me sad that a medication he was on for 4 years made him so irritable and I did not notice it. I feel horrible that he had to live feeling like that and not understanding that it was preventable. We, as parents, have such an awesome responsibility to advocate for our kids and when we fail them in some way it is very sobering. I hope this medication continues to serve him well and always his mind to be calm and peaceful.

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Psycho Mom said...

I hate figuring out meds!!!! We started Daytrana about 6 weeks ago or so. It was fabulous for 2 weeks, then I don't think it even phased Akila after that-hence the crisis home! Ugh. It is so hard to figure them out, even for myself, let alone for a child that has a hard time communicating or that I have a hard time relying on. Good luck