Monday, August 29, 2011

Let it "bee" . . .

So, Harrison has been off his Focalin for 5 days. Yesterday I announced that we would be going to the park. He was less than thrilled. I forced the issue and he promised to give it a try.

My mom picked us up and we headed over to the splash pad. At first he was a little leery and I reassured him that the fear was from his medication and the last time that he was at the plash pad he was fine. He looked around and ran off to the playground equipment after his sister promised to stay near him. After about minutes I did see him screech about a bug but he recovered quickly and kept playing (without the hollering, the stiff body and the major vigilance). Within about 10 minutes he had left his sister's side and found a couple friends to play with. He played for 3 hours, ate fruit and ran like a maniac. He only noticed a bug 3 times and each time it was a quick recovery. I think we have this thing licked!

I do not know yet how school recess went, but I have confidence we can get through this! Yay!

*Update: he told me "I had no freak-outs at recess." He was so proud! So am I!


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