Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The sectional . . .

I have been in the market for a sectional for a long time. I really wanted something different. Our last set of living room furniture was a leather set from craigslist, I got about 3 years ago. I got a loveseat and 3 club chairs for $100! It was a steal and I was thrilled to finally have leather that was easily washable with a little vinegar and water. The problem was that we did not have a sofa and I like to lay down every once in a while watching television.

(our previous loveseat from craigslist)

I have been checking out sectionals and we have been looking around. I did not want to spend a whole heck of a lot of money while we still have 3 kids and 2 dogs and a cat. I really wanted leather again, but Robert doesn't much care for it. However, after looking at a ton of options, he decided leather was the way to go for the dogs and kids. ( the cat is an angel! ) Last week we decided that we would have to go used since leather is so expensive generally.

I am a craigslist stalker so I thought I would just take my time and find something great. I found a sectional Friday night that was at a small town furniture store about 30 miles from here. We got up early Saturday morning and headed out in the horrible snowy weather to check it out. It is absolutely immaculate and is super comfy. I bought it immediately. We were looking for something darker but the price was right and they delivered to our town for only $45. Score!

She was delivered Monday morning and she did not fit in the spot we had in mind for the living room. Nice. I did get it in, but to move it away from the windows I will have to re-run the cable and move the tv. I will do that by the time spring rolls around so we can open the window. I posted this picture on facebook for friends and family to see.

Since then, I decided I wanted new drapes (there are dark bamboo blinds behind them) and a couple throw pillows. It's nothing too exciting, but I really like it.

What do you think?


Missy said...

We tested sectional today!
I think we just need a trampoline in our family room...

zunzun said... did looks really good.

We always go the leather route...not because we nec. like it but it's the ONLY material that has ever held out w/ our pets. Fabric ones ended up w/ cat hairs threaded through them that no amount of vacuuming or scraping would take away. Plus it's also easier to just wipe than have to vacuum hairs off a sofa. Yours look amazing...what a great deal!

Kari said...

Looks great! Will you come here and decorate my house?

:)De said...

You are brave to go with the white color. did you put spray guard on it?

FosterAbba said...

$45 for a leather sectional? You thief, you!!!

It's lovely. Good for you!