Thursday, June 09, 2011

I have overtime this week so far. I don't usually put Dustin on the bus, his dad does. Today I am because Robert is dropping the littles off for me. This has been what I have been hearing for about 20 minutes. This is just the last 4 minutes or so.

You made me miss my bus.
It's never going to come.
I have to go to school!
Can you call the bus place and tell them to come back.
Oh my gosh! The bus is never cooooming.
Mooooooooom, the bus isn't here.
Mom, is it almost time?
I told you we were going to miss the buuuuuuuuuus.
I haffffffffffffff to go to schoooooooooooool.
Come on buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus. Commmmmmme get me.
Mom, I am mad at you the bus isn't coming.
Where is the buuuuuus?
Will you drop me off at school?
Mom, Mom, MOM, I hate you!
Mom, I love you will you take me to school?
Oh my goooooodnesss! Where is my BUS!
Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh, I want my bus!
Holy Cow! My bus is late.
Mom, you made me miss my bus. My teachers are going to be mad at you.
I'm telling on you! Do you hear me?
Mom, Mom, Mom, you're ignoring me!
I hate you! I missssssed my buuuuuuuuuuuuus!
Mom, I hafto go to school today. My friend's will miss me.
Ohhhhhhhhhhh Busssssssssssssssss! Where are you? Come get meeeeeeeeee!
Mom, I am mad at you. you are going to jail.
Mom, Mom, Mom, are you listening. I'm telling my teacher on you!

Oh there it is! Nevermind, I love you have a good day mom!

The entire time I was just sitting here typing. If I said anything at all he would get more agitated. Lord, I could barely control myself. Help me.

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Becky said...

OMG! I SOOO loved the "I could barely control myself!"

HILARIOUS! Nearly spit my coffee!

Dustin and Lil Man - well, they have something in common and I am SO there with you, LOL!

Gotta love finding someone who can identify! You ROCK :-)