Sunday, June 12, 2011

The lawn . . .

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. That is Underwear Boy mowing the lawn for the first time. Now, I have to tell you that I LOVE to mow the lawn! I love looking back and seeing the finished product and feeling a sense of accomplishment. It is a true love. I also think I like it so much because I do not have to hear whining, crying and arguing while I am mowing.

Today, Dustin asked if he could mow. He had been having a wonderful day so I agreed. While I understand he looks perfectly "normal" to most people, allowing a child who has no impulse control and an IQ under 50 to wield a piece of equipment that could cut his toes off if not careful was a bit daunting. (And don't look too carefully as he does not have shoes on! My dad would have a fit!) I stood right with him and held the cord. When I backed up to take this picture he ran over the cord! D'oh! He got lucky and it did not cut through. He did finish (and even do the abandoned house next door) with me next to him and he did a great job!

It's funny how the things that so many families take for granted are such an accomplishment for us! He was very proud of himself. And so was I.

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ms nk rey said...

I can imagine how proud Dustin must be. I hired my friends grandson to cut my grass. (He is also special needs)He was so proud to have a job and the joy on his face when I paid him.. well lets just say he was thrilled to death. He has cut my grass twice now and does a wonderful job. He feels so proud of himself. Way to go Dustin and Zack! Such a small thing to us but life changing to them. Thanks for sharing Sheri.