Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Meal Planning . . .

Last week I decided I needed to be more organized. I get so tired of shopping for groceries, having all these great ideas for meals, and then letting stuff spoil because I am not organized. I hate throwing food away! I figured that if I made a menu, shopped for the menu, and got myself together, we could save money. I figured the beginning of the month was a good a time as any to start. So let me introduce you to the Rouse Menu Planning Binder.

I planned the whole month at once. I still have a concern that we may not be hungry for a certain meal when it comes time to have it, but I also think that having it planned will help us not only stick to it, but also make us hungry for it too. If not hungry for it, at least expect it. So far it is going great. In the binder is of course the menu page on top.

The next section is a shopping list. I organized this spreadsheet into categories and I put them in the order that my favorite grocery store is set up. I shop sales, and I am not a brand snob. . . except for paper towels and mustard.

The next section is filled with printed out recipes for the month. I figured it would be nice to have them in one place for two reasons. One, when I make my list I will have all the necessary ingredients handy. Two, the husband cannot say that Stuffed Peppers are on the menu and he doesn't know how to make them! Win-win. I also added a list of meals that can be added to as I go so that when I am making my menu for the next month (if this works for us) I will have some ideas and I don't have to pull them out of thin air.

I went to the grocery on Friday and I spent $240. With the exception of milk that will need to be bought as needed, I think we have everything we need to feed a family of 5 for 3 weeks. Woot!

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K....mom said...

I want (and need) to get that organized. Sounds like a good weekend project, thank you.