Saturday, August 08, 2009

Productive . . .

Yesterday I also ran by a Goodwill store. I am rarely in that area and thought I would stop in. I found a fabulous set of KING SIZE sheets from Crate And Barrel that were never even washed. A complete set for $2.50!!! The fitted sheet is one of my favorite kind, with elastic around all four sides . . . ahhhh an OCD person's dream! Today I got out the sewing machine and sewed the pillowcases up since we used standard pillows. (and did a bunch of mending) I washed them up and they are all fresh, soft and smell of Downy . . . I can't wait to crawl into bed . . .

Also, thought I would share a cleaning tip with you. I got up this morning and decided to tackle the upstairs bathroom and floors.. It was time to get my our old porcelain tub clean. It is in dire need of re-sealing and it seems a little dingy all the time. It also gets that nasty grimy ring around it which is REALLY hard to get out of the porcelain pores. I decided to try something I have seen on How Clean is Your House? I wet the tub down, and sprinkled it with Arm and Hammer Super Washing Soda. (okay, the OCD kicked in and it was a tad more than a sprinkle) and then cute a lemon in half and used it to scrub the tub giving a little squeeze every now and then.

How did it work you ask?


It only took a little elbow grease (not really much) about 15 minutes of "soaking in" while I did the sink and the toilet, a rinse and a wipe. Sparkly clean! The fixtures even look fabulous. Okay, well, the tub is still not perfect, but as close as it's been since I've lived here. The toilet and the sink are awesomely clean and everything smells so fresh clean. I will definitely use this method in the future. (the washing soda really helps to get clothes super clean too when added to the laundry)

By the way, I picked up my clothing that did not sell at the Children Clothing Resale and I made a small fortune! I could not be happier. I will not divulge the actual total, but I will say it will almost pay my mortgage! Holy cow! What a blessing! Then I took McCartney and Dustin to the grocery since I ran out of time yesterday.

I know, I rock.


Yondalla said...

I used to make a washing soda/vinegar paste to get the hard water crud out of our tub. It was amazing too! Guess it is the same idea ... soda and something acidic.

Linda B said...

I love hearing tips like this and Yondalla's. I need to use both of them! Pronto! But I'm sure I'll find something else I'd rather do. Thanks for sharing though!