Thursday, June 25, 2009

Post-op. . .

***** FAIR WARNING hootchie talk follows ******

I had an endometrial ablation today. I have been struggling with "lady town" issues since I had McCartney nearly 6 years ago. I have continued to struggle because I didn't have insurance until a year ago. I figured it was simply the stress of having 2 babies in 16 months and getting older. Everyone I talked to said, "Well, your body goes through changes as you age."

To be completely honest (and really why not since I am telling you about my girly bit issues) I was uber-fearful to get checked out because everyone on my dad's side of the family has cancer issues. I know that it makes NO SENSE to avoid something if you are fearful of cancer because, well you could DIE, but that's where I was.

So, a friend had an ablation done a couple months ago and was telling me why. Her symptoms matched mine almost perfectly. I scheduled an appointment with the office she visits and had the work up done. Lo and behold I was a candidate for an ablation.

My doc prefers to do them under general anesthetic and I was all for that. I had no desire to be laying on a table in the office with him using something that suspiciously looks like a curling iron burning the lining out of ladytown!

Anyhoo, the procedure was this morning. I fell pretty good. They do a D&C and a scope to check out my fibroids then do the ablation which burns out the lining so I will no longer "grow" one each month. I will still cycle, and no hormone therapy will be necessary since nothing was removed. My friend had FAB results and I had read more positive outcomes on the 'net so I am hopeful this will not only fix the problem, but maybe I will NEVER bleed again! (can you hear the angels singing??)

My friend said her first day was easy. The real struggle came about 10 hours after surgery when all the good meds really wore off. So we shall see . . . .

Rest assured I will keepo you posted *wink* and then I promise no more posts about my ladytown . . . . okay maybe that is a lie. *smirk*


Yondalla said...

I'm so glad you are feeling well, and I do want to hear whatever you are willing to share!

Lisa said...

I'm so glad you posted! I've been thinking about you all day.

Here's hoping all the good meds last for a while.

Homer and Queen said...

Talking about your ladytown is like talking about taking out the garbage...bring it on! Hope you fair well!

My friend had one, no aunt flo for 2 yrs!!!

Jo said...

You take it easy, okay? Prayers your recovery goes well.

La La said...

Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the comment on my blog. =)

PS No more periods sounds lovely...let us know how it goes!

Paula Perry said...

wow i bet its a releaf (can't spell sorry). I guess you will really feel it the next time it's due and nothing happens. nice.
PS. i read this post and it really reminded me that i should suck it up and go and see the obgyn as i have had precancer cells removed, but haven't gotten checked in over two years due to the same fear you had..and your right its dumb.i'll go do that this week. Thank you :)