Thursday, March 12, 2009

Boring you . . .

Am I boring you all lately? I must be . . . I am boring myself.

I think I need a good spring day to open the windows wide, let in a good spring breeze and blow the stink off us all at Chez Rouse. I feel boring, lethargic and just plain crappy.

Let's see, what shall I bore you with today?

Robert's hip is doing really well. We go back to the doctor in 2 weeks. Hopefully surgery is not in his future.

Dustin is doing well. Other than some pretty hateful, angry spurts at home he is doing remarkably well for Dustin. He has begun to hit himself in the head, flick his mouth and smack his cheek when he is mad. Weird! I hate it, but am coping. The food issues are once again in control . . . for a while. The decrease in Lithium decreased the pee-ing issues. . . for now. We go through spurts . . . (no pun intended)

My gramps is recovering from having his lung removed. Today is his birthday!

My mom and step-dad leave for Florida tomorrow. I hate them. Sun, beach, laziness . . . suckers.

McCartney had to go into the lottery to try to get into Harrison's elementary school for next fall. She will be a kindergartner! I won't hear whether she got in for at least a month. My perfect world, with all my ducks in a row, has a real issue of not knowing . . . but what can I do? I am so excited for her to start school . .. hope they are ready! She's a peice of work!

Harrison is doing extremely well on his ADD meds. A low dosage is helping tremendously and his aversion to food seems to be fading. He is not loosing more weight and he is behaving really well in school. Take that, "unsatifactory" in citizenship! He is a bright bulb in our pack and I adore his wit and humor!

We found a really good buffet that has sushi. And it is awesome! And it is relatively inexpensive. Sushi rocks!

See . . . boring.


Eos said...

I'm totally envious of your mom and step dad...the sun, the beach, no kids around....ahh..bliss...ok I'm waking up now

Lisa said...

Boring???? You're never boring!

Yoo hoo for Robert! That would be so great if he didn't have to have surgery.

Way to go dude! For Dustin & Harrison.

Sushi? I'm all about the sushi. Going to try to snag some in NY.

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

ohhhh sushi, in Phoenix they have drive thru chain restaurants for sushi. In Green Bay, not so much.
Funny, not 10 minutes ago I was saying I can't wait to open all the windows and get the FUNK out of this house!

Pegleg said...

If only I had half of your energy. You're amazing.

Jo said...

Not boring! Exciting all of it, sounds like a bunch of small, yet meaningful pieces of good news. Sushi does rock!

Torina said...

it is boring then i must be a rock just sitting in the water. sounds like things are looking up...except for sushi. raw fish = nasty