Thursday, March 12, 2009

A "new" friend . . .

I have a new bloggy friend . . . La La La La La La. Peggy was one of my bestest friends way back when. I spent many hours in the car going from her little town a short ways out of Fort Wayne and then back. She was the one that took me to the bar the night I turned 21, even though she was younger than I (oops, secret told). I stood up for her at her wedding. My dad ADORED Peggy. He never gave me the third degree when I was going out with Peggy. I loved her mom. We stalked little skater boys together in her black escort. Peggy has a cool sense of quirky style. She is my idol. I love Peggy.

I just found out Peggy is blogging!
Woohoo. I also found out she makes adorable little creatures with her sewing machine! Go give her some bloggy love.

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Lisa said...

Isn't it great to re-connect with old friends? It's like time stands still.