Monday, November 05, 2012

Election . . .

Tomorrows election.  I am a firm believer that everyone who can vote, should.  I believe that too many people fought for your right to vote and not doing so is just plain wrong.  I have seen many posts of my facebook feed about people wishing this election was not only over, but that they are tired of seeing others express their opinions on social media.  I disagree.  While I may not always agree with their opinions, I am happy to see others questioning and espousing their beliefs.  Usually, that means that they are not blindly following a party like sheep, but they are making their own decisions.

I am a firm believer that if we take the time for have a civil discussion about out political beliefs that we can find something to agree on.  That, of course, requires CIVIL discourse, not name calling, and diving in depth about our beliefs not just spouting talking points and single issue topics.  We will not always come to the same conclusion, but it is helpful to see that while we are not voting for the same candidate we can hold some of the same beliefs important.  It helps me to see that although we differ, we have come to that decision even though we can agree on a fraction of the points that lead us in two different directions.  For me, that makes it much more personal and allows me to honor the other person if not their choices.

I have yet to un-friend someone due to their political rants on social media. I do however have to scroll quickly past some who are so closed minded who cannot even fathom that  there is a different opinion other than theirs that could be remotely valuable.  Those who make me particularly upset are the ones that post things such as "As Christians, there should be no question . . ."  and "We Christians must stand up for . . . " .  Not only does that alienate me as a believer who thinks differently, but does nothing to reach others who may be questioning or searching for faith.  As a Christian, I come to my opinions and beliefs on politics with much soul searching and prayer.  I try my best to separate my beliefs and my political convictions as much as possible and look at what is best for the country as a whole.  I am not bound to vote as you think and as you prefer.  That does not make me wrong or even inherently evil.  I choose love.  I choose tolerance.  I choose peace. Just because a particular candidate does not agree with what my God intends, does not mean I cannot vote for them.  I can still practice my religion and serve my God regardless of their views.  That is what America is founded on and I thank God for that.  It doesn't mean that I have to vote for "biblical values" in order to uphold biblical values and live by them.  No one is taking that ability away from me.

It is my job as a citizen of the Untied States and of Earth to be the best person I can be.  It is my job to love others, help others and be a good example for my children.  I fail daily.  If I held myself up to the same scrutiny that some hold our leaders up to, I would fail miserably.  I try to have faith that God has a hand in my life and in my decisions as he does yours.  We each come for different places.  I am called to do the best for me and my family and honor God.  I believe I am doing that.  I don't need your accolades to feel as though I am doing the right thing.   That is between me and my God just as it is for you.  So, please don't tell me how to vote and I won't assume to know why you make your choices either.


Sunday Taylor said...

You are loved! (((HUGS)))

Joe said...

You still make me want to stay up and applaud when I read your blog!