Friday, February 03, 2012

New ink . . .

Tattoo by Zeke Edwards @ New Republic Tattoo Fort Wayne, IN

I got another tattoo today! This one is on my left wrist. If you read here at all, you know my hubby and I are HUGE Beatles fans. Not only is Let it Be an amazing song, but it is something that I need to be reminded of frequently. I worry and stress and I need to just learn to let things alone and work out for themselves. I need to remember that there are certain things that I cannot change and I just need to accept them. Let it Be is my mantra of 2012!

The bird reminds me of my favorite Beatles song of all time. . . Blackbird. I love it! I wanted the Ellipsis (dot dot dot) because of course the lyric continues, but to me, it reminds me of my blogging. I use A LOT of ellipsis in my my blog and in each and every title. It will remind me that through blogging I have met some of the most wonderful families, raising kids just like mine, and we are in this journey together . . . forever.

Squeee! I love it. ♥


GB's Mom said...

Me, too!

Barb G said...

And me three! Great reminder. (((hug)))

Patty said...

I can't wait to meet you in Orlando! Love the tattoo. I just read your post from rage against the minivan and popped over to your site. Wow - your words are my words - unbelievable. I emailed the link to my husband - so that he may get a sense of what Orlando is like - he doesn't believe anyone else lives it. Word for word.

xo, patty